Inside the DEAs War Against Mexican Cartels – Fox News Video –

Good to see the DEA has such a firm grip on reality. Their opponents on the Mexican side of the war are “the most evil criminals in the world”. Presumably this moral relativism includes the ethical assessment of those who recruit and condition suicide bombers; predatory paedophiles, child and adult sex slave traffickers, and those corporations who sell polluted or substandard drugs to the third world after losing their licence to sell the poisons to us. And none of these, apparently, are quite as evil as the Mexican Drug Cartels. How so? Well those others aren’t targeting DEA personnel, so that might have prejudiced her obviously well informed evaluation. And, of course, and they’re “peddling poison” into the US, where millions of misinformed customers are lapping it up, utterly unaware of the terrible harm that 45,000 tons of weed must be doing them. As we know from these government funded studies

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