Every Summer Music Festival You’ve Ever Been To | NextRound.net


True enough, except it doesn’t mention the food which I will glut on, the obscene toilets which I will avoid and the tendency for the weather either to deluge or roast…

French judiciary makes transgender boob • The Register


I love watching authoritarians trying to grapple with sexuality…

Balinese lad seduced by bovine temptress • The Register


there, but for the grace of (enter your choice of sky fairy)…

Stress, Labor & Play & Human Iterations


somewhat over analysed. Anarchists are opposed to coercion and exploitation (without free and informed consent). We have no problem with hard work and stress. For instance, the hardest and most stressful “job” I have ever done was the setting up of the system we’re now running for the third year at the Glastonbury festival – which is why you won’t be seeing much of me over the next three weeks. It’s also, far and away, been the most fun.

Glastonbury Festivals – Line-up


Pyramid Saturday Night is my main target. Assuming, of course, that we’re running smoothly and not in the middle of a system meltdown. Particularly wanna catch Seasick Steve Live…

England will be knocked out in quarter finals of World Cup by France – Telegraph


after last night, I doubt they’ll even win their group. Bah humbug!

Man Calls 911 In Burger Beef | The Smoking Gun


clowns who call the police over trivia like this deserve the police state which such behaviour helps promote.