Avatars in Space


this is another of my predictions which looks like it’s coming true. I’ve been arguing for years that we will NOT send “manned” missions to Mars because protecting organic humans is far too expensive. We will either send intelligent robots or digital humans in robot bodies (avatars). Watch this space!

First quantum effects seen in visible object – physics-math – 17 March 2010 – New Scientist


a somewhat misleading headline given “Alas, you couldn’t actually see the effect happening, because that very act of observation would take it out of superposition.

but apparently they didn’t mean the effect was visible, just the object being affected. Right. I’m obviously missing something because it seems to me that that’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot…

American Friends of Tel Aviv University: Seeing a Bionic Eye on Medicines Horizon


never mind bionic eye, this is a significant step towards a bionic brain. And, just as important, a true brain interface capable of capturing the myriad of detail which constitutes your mind. Capture that and we will, eventually, be able to backup our minds; the first major ingredient of Omortality…

Traces of the past: Computer algorithm able to read memories | Wellcome Trust


getting closer

News | KurzweilAI


sounds brilliant (apparently)

One teensy snag does occur to me. They talk of creating invisible speakers and the acoustic bits themselves might well be invisible (or at least very easy to camouflage) but what about the bleedin’ laser that’s got to power the damn things? Don’t see that being invisible – or “wireless” any time soon…

Most Dangerous Object in the Office: Pure Cap Hot Sauce | Magazine


I’ll settle for Tabasco Habanero… that ignites at about the maximum heat I can take…


had they said this was from the 50s or early 60s I wouldn’t have been surprised, but 1970 is a surprise…