Liberalism, atheism, male sexual exclusivity linked to IQ –

If only American academics could get away from their parochial definitions of politics as liberal or conservative which mean nothing to non U.S. Citizens, we might be able to conduct a meaningful dialogue. Any culture where a significant proportion of the population equates to the word “liberal” with “evil” is essentially sick.. Especially if it defines itself as “The Land Of The Free”

The more intelligent division is between autonomists and authoritarians. Bob Altermeyer found a similar difference in intelligence levels, between these groups, although the picture is confused by a further division between authoritarian followers (lower intellect) and authoritarian leaders (average or higher intellect). You can see this clearly in American right wing politics, where the average redneck or religious follower is often pretty dumb but some of their leaders (e.g. Rumsfeld, Wolfovitz) are reasonably bright.

It’s also slightly cringeworthy to be clutching at such an elitist straw. We probably are more intelligent than the opposition but that’s more likely to be because they’ve been abused and repressed by their authoritarian conditioning than any genetic advantage or moral merit on our part. They are victims, not enemies.

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