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If anyone has a fix for this, please get in touch. Thanks…

SU Formatting Complaint

As of right now, I am going to log my complaints/suggestions/comments to SU control, right here, for reasons which will shortly become obvious. If anyone else has similar complaints or fixes for what I’m experiencing, I will, of course, be grateful for your insights. Below is the message I’ve just submitted to the SU authorities:

First off, where or how do we ever get to see replies to these messages? I submitted one the other day about not being able to find my own Tags and I haven’t seen an acknowledgement or an answer anywhere I’d expect to. (like my registered email or SU inbox). As it happens, I finally found the answer to that myself. Hadn’t spotted the Tags button. So you can forget that one.

Right now I’m concerned with the loss of formatting of comments when you are anywhere but on your own homepage. I frequently write lengthy comments in multiple paragraphs, (using html formatting to create paragraphs) only to find, when viewing them on the SU comment page (attached to the original web page being reviewed) that all the paragraph formatting is ignored. Is that just me, or do we need different html (I use [br /][br /] to create a paragraph – with angle brackets instead of square) or is it a weird design decision. Whatever the cause, how can we fix it?


I then sent a follow on:

Just to ram home the point I was making in my previous: check out the difference between


(properly formatted)



(which is rendered unreadable by the loss of formatting)

Given that, presumably, you want to encourage intelligent content, you need to fix this pdq…

Lucid Dreaming Frequently Asked Questions Answered by The Lucidity Institute


Don’t be tempted comrades.

I trained myself once to be a lucid dreamer, by keeping a notepad and pencil under my pillow and getting into the habit of waking myself (whenever I could) from a dream and writing down a brief description of the dream. After a few weeks, you begin to get control of the dreams, which is fun for a while.

However, it also has a dramatic effect on the quality of your sleep. It is almost like having 24 hour consciousness and after a few weeks of that, you begin to feel the effects of severe sleep deprivation. It took several months to decondition myself and get back to normal sleeping. Not recommended!


please don’t tell me this was ever a real ad…

Liberalism, atheism, male sexual exclusivity linked to IQ – CNN.com


If only American academics could get away from their parochial definitions of politics as liberal or conservative which mean nothing to non U.S. Citizens, we might be able to conduct a meaningful dialogue. Any culture where a significant proportion of the population equates to the word “liberal” with “evil” is essentially sick.. Especially if it defines itself as “The Land Of The Free”

The more intelligent division is between autonomists and authoritarians. Bob Altermeyer found a similar difference in intelligence levels, between these groups, although the picture is confused by a further division between authoritarian followers (lower intellect) and authoritarian leaders (average or higher intellect). You can see this clearly in American right wing politics, where the average redneck or religious follower is often pretty dumb but some of their leaders (e.g. Rumsfeld, Wolfovitz) are reasonably bright.

It’s also slightly cringeworthy to be clutching at such an elitist straw. We probably are more intelligent than the opposition but that’s more likely to be because they’ve been abused and repressed by their authoritarian conditioning than any genetic advantage or moral merit on our part. They are victims, not enemies.

Scott Brown on Managing Your Digital Remains | Magazine


until we’ve got proper digital omortality, the best we can manage is setting up some kind of system to preserve our online works and identity after we shuffle off this mortal coil. The price is certainly coming down to something more realistic. When I first started looking for services like this, all I could find was a commercial service called something like “Eternal Web” which wanted to charge $20,000 for the privelege of preserving our digital remains…

Morality Quiz/Test your Morals, Values &Ethics – Your Morals.Org


well that cost me a Sunday morning, but it was entertaining…