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now take the human watchers out of the equation and replace them with your own computer or mobile phone. That’s Trusted Surveillance. Providing both the security and health benefits without allowing other humans anywhere near the data…

Video: Roadkill

This man is one of the most ethical humans alive. The ONLY way to obey the universally approved injunction “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is to eat carrion; that which has been killed for other reasons and by other agencies. That applies to roadkill and other naturally dead animals. And not much else…

Video: AMA reconsiders its medical marijuana stance – The Week

shallow video report but important breakthrough. The AMA has a shameful history of kowtowing to authoritarian pressure on this issue. That it has finally come out of the closet to admit that peer reviewed studies are proving medical benefits is a major case of “better late than never”

Incidentally, can someone tell me wtf is “moxnews”? with its “unfair and biassed” tagline it is either taking the piss out of foxnews or being unusually direct and honest!

Rachel Maddow Exposes John Birch Society Conspiracy Theories | Video Cafe

the video link is fucked but the transcript is complete and just as useful… Nice one Rachel…

Conficker Eye Chart – Created by Joe Stewart – see his security page at

excellent idiot proof way to illustrate infection. Will work until the bad guys put up their own spoof versions… stilll this could set a trend.

Unique Wineglass

wineglass? Stupid idea. Self filling Cat/Dog drinking bowl. Brilliant idea…


I’ve just donated my first $25. That was fairly painless. I intend to try to set up a standing order.