Japans mobile phone marvels go back to the future


both a benefit and beneficiary of Trusted Surveillance; as well as one of the pillars.

Financial transactions protected by TS will pay for the entire system. At less than one tenth of one percent of the value of the transaction. Saving you money when you buy (current transaction costs are in excess of 1%, sometimes 2 or 3)

Your savings are peanuts against what the card issuers will reap. Because they will virtually eliminate one of the major channels of card fraud, the card issuers will reduce their costs and risks by billions. Much more than the cost of implementing the system.

Financial transactions automatically also generate a “beacon” entry in your audit trail. No one else can access that data, so “they” can’t use it to track you. But should you be wrongly accused of anything which occurred at a specific time and place, and it coincides with a beacon timestamp, you’ll have, should you choose to use it, a cast iron alibi in the data which the authoritarians will be obliged to accept…

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