well I have to say this kind of thing is giving piracy a bad name. I go looking for the Austin Lounge Lizards song “Why Couldn’t We Blow Up Saddam?” as a kind of summary of the decade. And all I find is this? Bah humbug, I’ll upload me own copy as soon as I’ve put together a slideshow to accompany it…

Meanwhile, personally, I’ve had a pretty good decade in the noughties but I’m looking forward to an even better one in the teens.

The World in general hasn’t been so lucky, so here’s hoping that we ALL have a better decade than the one we’re about to leave. That’s gotta be uncontroversial…


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Refugee from the Stumbleupon Blogicide of October 2011 Here you will find my "kneejerk" responses to the world and what I happen to bump into. For my more detailed considerations and proposals, please visit my website or my previous main blogging site.

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