Never a Year Like 09 | Funny Video Animation by JibJab

a fine summary for a year well spent…

Preparing for successful aging

the younger you start worrying about growing old, the less it’ll worry you when it happens. Until we become digital, we can’t prevent aging. But we can delay it and prevent some of the effects. It’s all down to lifestyle. Don’t worry. I’m not about to dive into lecture mode, just one word of advice. Whatever lifestyle changes you choose to adopt – with the aim of life extension – make damn sure you enjoy them. That’s the only way you’ll carry on doing ’em long enough to have the desired effect…

Consumers to benefit from advances in chip design

the state of digital intelligence at the end of the first decade of the 3rd millenium of the xtian era. Not very high. I look forward to looking back on this in ten years time and gloating at how far we’ve come in excess of these modest ambitions…

Japans mobile phone marvels go back to the future

both a benefit and beneficiary of Trusted Surveillance; as well as one of the pillars.

Financial transactions protected by TS will pay for the entire system. At less than one tenth of one percent of the value of the transaction. Saving you money when you buy (current transaction costs are in excess of 1%, sometimes 2 or 3)

Your savings are peanuts against what the card issuers will reap. Because they will virtually eliminate one of the major channels of card fraud, the card issuers will reduce their costs and risks by billions. Much more than the cost of implementing the system.

Financial transactions automatically also generate a “beacon” entry in your audit trail. No one else can access that data, so “they” can’t use it to track you. But should you be wrongly accused of anything which occurred at a specific time and place, and it coincides with a beacon timestamp, you’ll have, should you choose to use it, a cast iron alibi in the data which the authoritarians will be obliged to accept…

Belarus to toughen control over Internet

and where are the calls and campaigns to boycott Belarus?

well I have to say this kind of thing is giving piracy a bad name. I go looking for the Austin Lounge Lizards song “Why Couldn’t We Blow Up Saddam?” as a kind of summary of the decade. And all I find is this? Bah humbug, I’ll upload me own copy as soon as I’ve put together a slideshow to accompany it…

Meanwhile, personally, I’ve had a pretty good decade in the noughties but I’m looking forward to an even better one in the teens.

The World in general hasn’t been so lucky, so here’s hoping that we ALL have a better decade than the one we’re about to leave. That’s gotta be uncontroversial…

Russia in secret plan to save Earth from asteroid: official

pesky soviets, stealin’ our astroids!

Security Check – Magazine – The Atlantic

arf arf

now take the human watchers out of the equation and replace them with your own computer or mobile phone. That’s Trusted Surveillance. Providing both the security and health benefits without allowing other humans anywhere near the data…

Video: Roadkill

This man is one of the most ethical humans alive. The ONLY way to obey the universally approved injunction “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is to eat carrion; that which has been killed for other reasons and by other agencies. That applies to roadkill and other naturally dead animals. And not much else…

Video: AMA reconsiders its medical marijuana stance – The Week

shallow video report but important breakthrough. The AMA has a shameful history of kowtowing to authoritarian pressure on this issue. That it has finally come out of the closet to admit that peer reviewed studies are proving medical benefits is a major case of “better late than never”

Incidentally, can someone tell me wtf is “moxnews”? with its “unfair and biassed” tagline it is either taking the piss out of foxnews or being unusually direct and honest!

Rachel Maddow Exposes John Birch Society Conspiracy Theories | Video Cafe

the video link is fucked but the transcript is complete and just as useful… Nice one Rachel…

Conficker Eye Chart – Created by Joe Stewart – see his security page at

excellent idiot proof way to illustrate infection. Will work until the bad guys put up their own spoof versions… stilll this could set a trend.

Unique Wineglass

wineglass? Stupid idea. Self filling Cat/Dog drinking bowl. Brilliant idea…


I’ve just donated my first $25. That was fairly painless. I intend to try to set up a standing order.

Wikileaks suspends ops to launch pledge drive • The Register

Until we have full Trusted Surveillance up and running, one of the most important weapons we have against the authoritarians are the leaks from insiders (and others) and the publication of their data on Wikileaks. If you give a shit, then support the buggers any way you can. Click the Wikileaks link to go to the appeal site.