LHC smashes Tevatron record: Humanity enters the unknown • The Register


Looks like we’re go for interdimensional wormhole creation…

EU to approve more banking data for US spooks • The Register


incredible supine stupidity from the EU. Be interesting to see how individual nations react. Can’t see the average German, French or Dutch citizens putting up with this nonsense. The British, to my shame, are completely clueless on matters privacy so don’t expect riots on the streets of London…

Why do people keep buying CDs? • The Register


why do I still buy CDs? Well let’s see. I’ve just bought the latest Decemberists (Hazards of Love – Strongly recommended, my “Album of the Decade”).

I burn two copies, record it to mp3 for my Blackberry and then I sell it on. Total cost a couple of quid and I’ve got flawless copies of the music.

Good deal I say…


jes downloadin as we speak…

Study shows new brain connections form rapidly during motor learning


interesting, but I’m still waiting for this sort of research to produce either guidance on how to speed up our long term memory formation or produce a drug that does it for us.

Imagine being able to read a book, once, and remember all the relevant details…

New study finds men and women may respond differently to danger


hold the front page. Women react more emotionally to negative stimuli than men, who, in turn, are more likely to react physically.

What’s more interesting is the bit about male responses to positive images being to “devour” the images. This is very much what appears to drive the Porn industry…

Text-a-Tip programs allow tipsters to help police


I’ll try not to leap to conclusions about this because there might be protections in the small print. But the obvious weakness in this arrangement is the lack of accountability for the tipsters. If their identity is permanently protected, then the system is open to a very nasty form of abuse.

Want to really fuck up your ex’s home life? Why not drop an anonymous tip to the cops that he or she is a drug dealer? If they happen to be a recreational user, they’ll be just as fucked as if they really are a dealer.

And even if nothing’s found, the intimidation and threat of a typical US police raid can definitely spoil your whole day. Meanwhile the tipster is laughing all the way to their facebook page where they no doubt spill a rant or two about their failed relationship. And they are free to do it again.

Now, if it’s a well thought out system, the third party information stripper will at least keep a record of the ip source and associate it securely with the one time key they pass on to the police. Then, if they get feedback from the police (either positive or negative) they can start assigning a “Trust Score” to messages from that source, which will get passed along to the police along with future one time keys. That way the police will at least have a clue as to how seriously they should take tips from such a source.

In the event of multiple time wasting, the tips would just get ignored. In the event of mulitple malevolence, a jury would be approached for authority to reverse trace the ip so the miscreant could be nailed. This would take it close to the Trusted Surveillance model…

GPS cell phone apps challenge standalone devices


I actually prefer my very simple but effective (and free) “Nav 4 All” GPS software on the Blackberry to the Tom Tom. I don’t want scrolling maps. I only want turn by turn information. If I need to look at a map, I’ll stop and do just that (whether in a map book, or online) but I don’t want it distracting me while I drive.

Hacked climate change email furor


this won’t make any difference to the climate change denialists but those of you who actually care about the reality of what’s going on might find this discussion enlightening…

White House meeting marks new milestone for nontheists | Secular Coalition for America


I wonder if Americans (other than those living outside the US of A) can understand why we find this kind of story slightly embarrassing.

Imagine reading a story whooping it up because girls were, at last, being allowed to taught in school (see recent history of Afghanistan for examples). The emphasis is wrong. The focus should be on how shameful it was that girls weren’t allowed to go to school and how, finally, that criminal authoritarianism has been reversed…

How to Re-enable Audio on Your Youtube Videos | eHow.com


wasn’t even aware that youtube was muting videos. Have to check whether they’ve done it to any of mine! But now at least I know what to do about it…

The Molecular Biology of Paradise


admirable sentiment but completely misses the point. Which is that, the first time on this planet, a species has evolved which can take control of its own evolution. We DO NOT have to decide what we wish to become because from now on, we can become anything we wish to and, if we don’t like it, or get bored, we can then become anything else…

Bright meteor over South Africa (New Footage Included)


remarkable footage by any standards but what makes it almost unbelievable is that no less than 4 separate cameras managed to capture a single meteor. Now that IS remarkable…

Splitting The Sky in Montreal December 5th – mtl911truth


brave man. But where are the brave crowds to back him up?

Swiss voters back minarets ban | World news | guardian.co.uk


we may not like the result, but we certainly like the fact that, regardless of their government’s opinion, the Swiss can force a vote on the issue. My guess is that, on this occasion, the People will side with the Government against the islamophobes.