I bet he enjoyed that. I just hope he doesn’t believe that it will have any effect on the behaviour of Fox News or its audience…



A step toward better brain implants using conducting polymer nanotubes

useful step in the development of the brain reading technology we’re going to need to begin storing our minds…

ASUS Unveils First TUF Series Motherboard

hmmm… I want this kind of reliability but I note a total absence of any mention of cost…

US engineer defends Google in defamation trial

I’ve made the point before but it bears repeating. I’ve never understood the blinkered attitude of the censors who want to remove material like this.

It constitutes “evidence” of a crime and can be (and it seems, in this case has been) used to sustain a conviction against the perps. Surely that’s good thing. So fine, once it’s done it’s job, take it down to prevent further humiliation of the victim. But don’t shoot the messenger.

Sugar + weed killer = potential clean energy source

well well well, I never thought all those bombs I made as a kid would turn out to be useable fuel cells. Does that mean I can retrospectively claim I was researching a means of producing safe green energy?

New digital security program doesnt protect as promised

this (Vanish) was always a very dumb idea. If you really give a shit about privacy then you set up a private channel of communication and only use that. Then your “only” problem is trust in the recipient rather than the world and his dog…