Zachary Adam Cohen: Where are the Conservatives in the Local, Sustainable Movement?

the answer to his question is that most “conservatives” are not remotely interested in the conservation side of conservatism, at least not in the sense of conservation of global resources as he is describing.

What they’re trying to conserve are their priveleged position and power. Their constant moralising is based on the authoritarian hierarchical structure of society which they desperately want to cling onto. In contrast, the green movements are almost universally egalitarian, libertarian (in the European sense) and socialist with a small s.

Not to mention religion. First, there are almost zero Americans who would call themselves conservative who aren’t also religious believers. Mostly Xtians.

I doubt that it’s a majority, but a very large number of those American Xtian Conservatives actually believe we’re living in “the end times” and even look forward to “the rapture”. What possible incentive is there for such believers to waste a moment of their lives trying to reverse the damage and conserve this godforsaken planet?

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