McCain AND Obama Both Had Lawsuits Filed Against Them Over Where They Were Or Weren’t Born! Why Didn’t I Know That! Why Didn’t The Media Talk About McCain’s Lawsuits?-Very Stupid Things!

it’s a question that cannot be asked too often. Why didn’t the media cover that aspect of the story? I do my very best to avoid jumping on the conspiracy theorists bandwagons but when you see some of the stories the press avoids, you really do have to wonder…

Imagine, for example, if the country’s senior law enforcement officer was responsible for permitting 4 innocent men to be convicted of a murder he knew they did not commit – in order to protect his criminal sources. Imagine that they were sentenced to death and spent four years on Death Row before their sentences were commuted to Life. Imagine that they stayed in prison so long that two of them died of natural causes. Imagine that the remaining two were eventually proven innocent with DNA evidence. Imagine that the courts were so disgusted with the Law enforcement body that they issued a world record punitive fine of $100 Million dollars.

The press couldn’t possibly hide a story like that from us, could they?

Well, you’ve probably guessed, but unless you already knew that this story was true, the answer is obvously “yes”. (Except, it wasn’t DNA evidence but memos between various law officers which they had kept hidden for 30 years.)

The clever bit, is how they hide stories like this out in the open. Here, for example, is Fox News covering the record fine. So you can’t say they didn’t publish it. All you can say is that they hardly ever referred to it again, and because THEY didn’t make a fuss, nor did anyone else. Exactly as we’ve seen recently with Cheney’s amazing confession of complicity in war crimes and torture. That should have led to a public hanging. But because the mainstream gatekeeping media are doing their job so well, there is hardly a murmur of public protest. Stunningly effective control…

Judge Orders Government to Pay $101.75M for Wrongful Convictions in 1965 Murder Case – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News –,2933,290914,00.html

credit where due. This is the highest ranking mainstream media mention of this story I could find, so 1 star for Fox.

In Defense of Patenting DNA: A Pragmatic Libertarian Perspective

What a pile of absolute fetid smouldering turds!

I can’t read more than a couple of paragraphs of this shit without punching something so I’m only a quarter of the way through it so far. I’ll attempt a more rational response when I’ve struggled all the way through it. Meanwhile, please read this

Photography Masters Cup& | The International Award Honoring Color Photography

Zachary Adam Cohen: Where are the Conservatives in the Local, Sustainable Movement?

the answer to his question is that most “conservatives” are not remotely interested in the conservation side of conservatism, at least not in the sense of conservation of global resources as he is describing.

What they’re trying to conserve are their priveleged position and power. Their constant moralising is based on the authoritarian hierarchical structure of society which they desperately want to cling onto. In contrast, the green movements are almost universally egalitarian, libertarian (in the European sense) and socialist with a small s.

Not to mention religion. First, there are almost zero Americans who would call themselves conservative who aren’t also religious believers. Mostly Xtians.

I doubt that it’s a majority, but a very large number of those American Xtian Conservatives actually believe we’re living in “the end times” and even look forward to “the rapture”. What possible incentive is there for such believers to waste a moment of their lives trying to reverse the damage and conserve this godforsaken planet?

Video | Morning Rush

obvious Trusted Surveillance case…

Sir No Sir! – Exhibitor/Press Materials to Download

can’t believe this hasn’t already been stumbled. If you haven’t already, watch this at your earliest convenience… (and, for any translation machines reading this, that does not mean “your nearest toilet”). Unfortunately I can’t find a full version online anymore, but if you ask me nicely, I might let you watch my copy…

Playing For Change | Mystery Train

thanx to Chongolo.

‘king cool… is there a name for this emerging phenomenon? (“Remote Collaborative Performance” isn’t snappy enough, though I s’pose “RCP” could catch on…)

Jack and The Beanstalk 1931- Banned Cartoons

‘king classic. Thanks to Rumplemigskin for this one. Best watched stoned…

oh, one other thing. For anyone who gives a shit, which, sadly, I did, so I went looking, this cartoon was made in 1931. Dunno if it’s the first famous “talking cartoon” but it’s got to be pretty close to the beginning of that history, so, by any definition, this really IS a classic…

Oh, and one other other thing. Apparently, or perhaps I should say “allegedly”, because, so far, I’ve failed to corroborate, but there are some references to this cartoon being banned from US television because of its subversive content (naughty full frontal drug taking behaviour). Anyone know when and whether the ban ever existed and, if it did, whether it still does? I can’t find the answers so far…

BBC NEWS | Technology | Barcode replacement shown off

exactly what we need for Perfect Information on the Supermarket Shelves…

savage septuagenarians hurling themselves along the highways at up to 7 mph. Shouldn’t be allowed!

We Hate Tescos

my first experiment with “pictures to exe”. Fun…

EPFL | Bluebrain

and speaking of storage space for the mind map, here’s the state of the art on neural simulation…

yes, I have. I’m assuming this will be commercially available by 2020. We’d need about 10 of these to store the mapping of the average human brain…