Glastonbury Festivals – Welcome To Glastonbury Festivals

Well chaps, I’m due in town in about 16 hours from now. See if we can improve on last year’s performance and perhaps even get in to the festival proper. Apparently we’ve got significant potential customers coming to see the system in action later in the week, so wish me luck…

The “system” (for new readers) is the software which controls the deployment of the perimeter security staff at the Festival. Last year we introduced enrolment and shift logging. This year we’ve added kit issue and shift allocation/planning. That was a bitch. Much more complicated than I anticipated. Hope it works. Nothing like trying it live in the field.

This has to be my favourite activity: Frontline Programming!

However, last year we averaged about 3 hours sleep a day. Hence I’m not anticipating much leisure time. So please don’t be offended if I don’t respond to messages and stumbles. Normal service should be resumed in early July…

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