Time-Lapse Videos of Massive Change on Earth | Wired Science | Wired.com


Not quite as dramatic as I expected. ‘twould be good to see similar timelapse for green areas, deserts, large cities, road networks etc around the world,

Easily send large files directly between computers for free | FilesOverMiles


another alternative to mediafire, with the benefit of not involving a 3rd party filestore but the security risk of letting someone have direct access to your ram… need to think about this one…

The Plot To Seize The White House


and if you want the potted version, listen to this BBC broadcast I’ve stored on mediafire

Computer Hides Pedestrians | CCA Actions


interesting, though I’d rather see us taking control of the cameras and their data rather than hiding from them. All the enemy have to do is fill the gaps…

TheReligionofPeace – Is the Quran Hate Propaganda – What Does it Really Teach?


and, of course, every other religion is sweetness and light in regard to every other religion.

This is a difference of degree, not principle.

RFID Powder – Worlds Smallest RFID Tag: Science Fiction in the News


actually the real beauty of this little beast is that it’s extremely unlikely that you can read it more than 2-5 cms away, which means it can be used for anti counterfeiting and ID purps but NOT for covert tracking. Need to confirm that though…

Students exposed to cell phone ringtones score 25 percent worse


an unintuitive result. Why should ringtones have such negative effects on cognition? And if they do, what does that imply about other stimuli like Advertising, or “News”?