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Front Page – The Long Now

ouch. I was buying this until I came across “there’s no gravity in space” which I charitably put down to lazy writing (if there wasn’t, stars, galaxies and the rest of us wouldn’t have formed in the first place), but then he starts talking about watches and thought slowing down because springs and neurons get heavier. C’est bollocks, but I can’t immediately find a better explanation. I’ll keep looking.

Right-wing talker Mancow gets waterboarded and says: &It’s Absolutely Torture & | Crooks and Liars

be interesting to watch how the authoritarian apologists for Waterboarding (followers and leaders) deal with this. Cheney of course, wouldn’t have a problem. He’s already admitted to authorising torture and we’re all just waiting for the prosecution to begin…

in Bb 2.0 – a collaborative music/spoken word project

worth doing. Fire em all up one by one but stop them immediately. Wait for all the streams to buffer. Then play them all. Quite hauntingly beautiful…

Reminds me of Koyaanisqatsi and other Philip Glass stuff…

Tilt-Shift Photography – 80+ Beautiful Examples, Tutorials and More | Ultimate Guide

Interesting, but I can’t see an obvious point (other than being interesting!)

Hendrix murdered by his manager, says former aide – News, People – The Independent

mildly interesting, but, unless the manager is still alive, one has to ask, at this late stage, does it really matter?

&cc ONE OF your emails to Jacqui Smith& Day

This might be a campaign worth joining and encouraging…