The Irish Times – Wed, Apr 29, 2009 – Crime of blasphemous libel proposed for Defamation Bill

tell me this is a joke… Please!

NASA gets cold feet on Moon base plan • The Register

I will be bitterly disappointed if the moonbase isn’t built. We need to build the telescope there (in the Aitken crater) so that we can spot the signs of the alien intelligence in the Large Magellanic Cloud. For further details, you’ll have to read the first part of Resurrection

Army officer tossed laptops into the sea • The Register

under Trusted Surveillance, this officer’s conduct would automatically be a criminal offence and any complaints made against him would be automatically upheld in favour of the plaintiff.

Belgium Declares Pope Public Enemy | CarnalNation

Ra Ra Ra Belgium!

Major defeat for Bush/Obama position on secrecy – Glenn Greenwald –

Major Fail.

Major illustration of the need for Trusted Surveillance. There may indeed be good reasons why whatever is involved in these cases cannot be permitted to be heard in open court. However, as I’ve been arguing with regard to the Torture issue, we certainly cannot trust ANYONE except We The People to make such a judgement on our behalf.

The only democratically acceptable way to handle such cases is for the experts to make their case to a Jury of a couple of hundred randomly selected (from a security vetted pool) citizens. That Jury will have unlimited access to all the Data and to alternative experts in the relevant fields who can provide independent analysis of the State case. If such a Jury concludes that secrecy is genuinely necessary, I for one, would be somewhat more comfortable about accepting it.

That said, it still doesn’t prevent a court case. There is no earthly reason why that can’t take place – under the supervision of the same Jury – entirely in secret. Again, I’m prepared to trust a large, randomly selected Jury with that kind of Authority. Nothing less.

Baxter To Develop Swine Flu Vaccine Despite Bird Flu Scandal

yeah, but try finding a major pharmaceutical company capable of doing work on this scale and at the required speed which ISN’T corrupt…