BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | The little white lie that grew

Judges lying aint news, but doing it so amateurishly!

One thing I take issue with Clive James over is the title. This wasn’t a “White Lie”. Those are the kind of lies we tell to prevent unnecessary pain to a friend or loved one. “Does my bum look big in this?” “Of course not dear”.

The judge’s lie was not intended to protect anyone but himself…

JetBlue Passenger Forced To Cover Arabic Shirt Gets $240k From JetBlue, TSA Employees – The Consumerist

It’s so damn gratifying when the bastards get a kick in the balls! And we didn’t even need Trusted Surveillance on this occasion…

Kucinich wants House to investigate assassination claims |

er… this is a surprise?

Governments, and in particular, the US Government, has practiced Assassination Politics for probably at least a century. Some go back nearly a millennium. Doesn’t Kucinich know that the State claims a monopoly on violence?

No they’re getting it!

How To: Use BitTorrent Like a Pro

Sound advice on how best to subvert the system…

We arent going to kiss and make up, sorry : Pharyngula


ACLU Sues Prosecutor Over ‘Sexting’ Child Porn Charges | Threat Level |

Remember the case of the 15 year old girl charged with child pornography and child sex abuse because she distributed nude photos (she took) of herself! That psychosis obviously hasn’t gone away…