Obamas Marijuana Buzz Kill – The Daily Beast


anyone surprised at Obama’s failure to leap for the “stoners’ vote” doesn’t understand politics!


Cop Guilty of Kidnapping and Robbing Dealers, Reselling Drugs


Hold the front page: “Prohibition Leads To Corruption – Shock Revelation”

EU issues ultimatum on internet privacy • The Register


this is frankly bizarre. The same “organisation” proposing to track each and every private and public vehicle in the EU is concerned about online search engines and webmail clients breaching your privacy. This is a bit like the “Meat Marketing Board” worrying about the cholesterol you might be getting from the occasional egg…

Big Brother – the price of self-driving cars • The Register


This is about as blatant as it gets. This really is Big Brotherism. Anyone who can physically destroy this system or crucial parts of it is hereby designated probationary martyr to the cause of Democracy and opposition to Authoritarianism. The clowns who propose this kind of shit should have been strangled at birth!

More practically, unless you personally make it your business to oppose this (and to get at least two more people to oppose it – them to get two more and so on) then we’re going to find we’re under the control of Big Brother in about 10 years time and you’ll all be wondering how we got here…

This is the exact opposite of Trusted Surveillance, which could, incidentally, provide everything the Authoritarians claim as benefits (traffic management etc) without breaching anyone’s privacy and without allowing arbitrary authoritarians to take a peek at where you are any time of day or night…

Sahar Vardi: An Israeli Refusing to Oppress


One of the reasons I reject ALL “Moral Philosophy” is that it can be so easily abused. Religions, of course, have abused it for thousands of years, but their grasp of philosophy is puerile. But to see “professional” philosophers coming out with the drivel gleefully adopted by the IDF is truly embarrassing.”

According to Kasher and Sagi, conscientious objection is, by definition, divorced from politics”

That is actually the kind of thing I’d expect to hear from a psychotic. The mere concept of politics NOT encompassing such dramatic challenges to the State as “conscientious objection” is about as far removed from human reality as is possible without foaming at the mouth…

Propaganda Critic: Video Gallery


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