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and then, of course, we read something like this

Remember who you work for and [the fact that] consistently being outside the box and parent complaints could cost you your teaching position.

and you have to concede that, despite his pitiful research skills and obvious prejudices, Yates has a lot of circumstantial evidence to support him…

The Pedophilia Smear


and here’s someone on the frontline of the Sexuality battle still raging in the American psyche…

The Anti-Kinsey Report | ConWebWatch


excellent summary of the Religious Right’s attack on the Kinsey Report

The Real Matrix-6


OK, this is a side issue on my Waterloo Conspiracy trail but I need to deal with it some time so this is a marker at least for my own benefit. The Author claims a PhD. Without wishing to appear to be making an ad hominem attack, I find that surprising – unless it actually constitutes evidence of one of his main charges; viz the deliberate dumbing down of the American Education system.

Getting a PhD is – or used to be at any rate – ‘king hard work and among the skills you require are the ability to perform serious research. I got my first inkling that all was not well in this context when I read the first few parts of this piece. He’s quoting one of my favourite and most trusted sources; Carroll Quigley. But it was obvious that he was quoting him very selectively. I’ll back that up some other time.

It was when I got to this part that the wheels came off. The railing against the Sexual Liberation revolution which began with the Kinsey Report and reached a peak in the late sixties is straight out of the Xtian right. And his glib assertion regarding Kinsey’s data on the sexuality of children:

"which we now know involved the criminal sexual torture of children and even infants by Kinsey’s group of homosexuals and pedophiles"

is one of the sickest distortions still in the wild. It is virtually entirely based on the work of one Judith Reisman who is clearly a very sick puppy herself. She characterises one of the greatest love scenes in English Literature – from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet – as child pornography. You will find a fairly reasonable demolition of her work summarised in this blog. Which saves me the trouble of having to do it myself…

I’ll list several major contradictions later as well, but here’s one to be going on with: It is alleged that the sexualisation of America is all part of the distraction game the "super-elite" are playing to prevent Americans questioning what’s really going on in their world. Anothe allegation is that the demopublicans are hand picked, by the super-elite for their willingness and tendency to toe the line and give the illusion of choice. Yet it was these hand picked demopublicans who paid for Reisman’s research which was so clearly aimed at halting the sexualisation which is supposed to be helping with the distraction.

The irritating thing is, I fully agree with Yates about the demopublican game and the illusion of choice. But you can’t have it both ways. It would be a VERY unintelligent "super-elite" that mismanaged its affairs to that extent. In fact, one would have to say it would not be much of an "elite" at all. Just a bunch of Authoritarians with their hands on the tiller and never quite sure which way to steer.

And that, coincidentally, is much closer to the picture painted by Quigley. The whole point of "The Anglo American Establishment" is that while it is perfectly true that they set up the Round Tables, Chatham House and the Council of Foreign Relations, and influenced the foreign policy of the Empire, to a greater or lesser extent for the best part of 70 years, in nearly every major task they set themselves, they blew it big time.


This is the actual video of the Police thugs punching a handcuffed man while he is on the ground. Apart from the obvious questions (like why are the relevant cops still employed) I want to know why the magistrates – who found Mark Aspinall guilty of Assaulting the police AFTER SEEING THIS FOOTAGE – are still in their jobs…

News Headlines, Celebs and Football – Mirror.co.uk


Trusted Surveillance: need I say more?

Why Michael Grosvenor Myer left his wife to die alone – Telegraph


this is the kind of insanity which only makes sense to the Authoritarian mindset; the ones who cannot bear the idea that we are grown up enough to take responsibility for our own actions.