Germans give peeking Google one in the eye • The Register

I’m impressed. This is the first time I’ve come across non security specialists recognising the link between breaches of privacy and breaches of security:

The 5,000 inhabitants find the project “extremely alarming” as criminals can plan break-ins more easily.

NASA’s Martian Probe Spots Snowfall in Skies Over Red Planet – Bloomberg

er… cool?

3-Dimensional Artist Images Popular Emails Video

given my opposition to Leadership, the fact that a candidate isn’t medically fit to lead is of no great significance. In my view, no one else is fit to lead either and the mere fact that this candidate is slight more disqualified than all the others is a mere distraction.

Open Rights Group | Capturing the database state: community photocall

hmmm… although I write huge amounts about untrusted surveillance, I can’t immediately think of something I can photograph to illustrate the problem. How, for example, do you photograph a change in the law, or lost data. Inspiration welcomed…

MoD prays RAF disk thieves arent data savvy • The Register

If they can’t even look after military data on a military site, what earthly prospect is there that they could organize a pissup in a brewery, let alone a national database?

Philosophical Warning Labels

‘king brilliant.