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what amazes me most about this pretty amazing footage (watch the video) is the absence of any analysis of what the fuck was going through these women’s minds. Obviously they were suicidal. Aggressively so. They were trying to get killed. I’d like to know what efforts have been made to help them get out of that horrendous condition. Yet the news report seems only concerned with the trouble they caused for the rest of us…

update: My sympathy just dropped somewhat. One of them is called Sabina Eriksson. She’s been charged with murder:

A 40-year-old woman has been charged with murder following the death of a man who had been stabbed.The body of Glenn Hollinshead, 54, was found in Duke Street, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, on 20 May.

which is the day they were filmed trying to commit suicide. The connection is obvious, though it remains interesting that the twin was also trying to make an early entrance into valhalla. Perhaps she, too, was at the scene of the crime.

In any case, I find myself strangely relieved by the explanation. Watching two apparently fit and healthy women trying so desperately to get themselves killed was – without that clue to motivation – somehow even more disturbing than watching some of that sick footage of beheadings a couple of years ago.

Why more disturbing? I’m not entirely sure yet. Perhaps because murder, however grotesque, is obviously involuntary on the part of the victim. And even a suicide bomber is killing themselves for an obvious reason. In both cases I can at least understand what’s going through the minds of victim and perpetrator. That, I suppose, let’s me “catalog” the experience.

Whereas, until I found the other stories, my mind couldn’t sort the pieces of the jigsaw. It was, literally, unbelievable. But I had no reason to doubt the validity of the video evidence so I was being forced to believe the unbelievable. You could say that made it almost a “religious experience”!


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