A Plastic That Chills – Technology Review


In the 70’s I heard a rumour (conspiracy style), which was never substantiated and which I never really believed, that an inventor, who used to work for the Beatles, had come up with this amazing material or device which could either cool something down to -20(C) or heat it up to +200. The story had it that some big cooker manufacture had bought out the patent in order to suppress it and maintain their profit margins. Similar stories – which are somewhat more plausible – are told about earlier inventors of “everlasting” light bulbs. Fact or fantasy, however, this particular story might be about to become half true (the cooling bit at least).

More excitingly, I suspect this material is going to be a major benefit to CPU manufacturers who are having a hard time coping with the heat of their increasingly power-hungry processors. Being able to make an entire motherboard (and heat sinks) out of a self cooling material might have some major benefits…

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