Access : Visions of our far future : Nature

imagining our own future in a million years is “simple”. Forget the human race. Just think what intelligent species beyond a certain level are likely to be doing anywhere in the universe. You’re just as likely to be right about them as about our own future at that distance!

Kites could provide electricity for 100,000 homes

damn! My first reaction was “don’t be silly” but it looks dangerously plausible. One to watch

How recycling could keep your organs young – health – 10 August 2008 – New Scientist

I’ll have some of this as soon as it’s available too please…

A Plastic That Chills – Technology Review

In the 70’s I heard a rumour (conspiracy style), which was never substantiated and which I never really believed, that an inventor, who used to work for the Beatles, had come up with this amazing material or device which could either cool something down to -20(C) or heat it up to +200. The story had it that some big cooker manufacture had bought out the patent in order to suppress it and maintain their profit margins. Similar stories – which are somewhat more plausible – are told about earlier inventors of “everlasting” light bulbs. Fact or fantasy, however, this particular story might be about to become half true (the cooling bit at least).

More excitingly, I suspect this material is going to be a major benefit to CPU manufacturers who are having a hard time coping with the heat of their increasingly power-hungry processors. Being able to make an entire motherboard (and heat sinks) out of a self cooling material might have some major benefits…

US boasts of laser weapons plausible deniability – tech – 12 August 2008 – New Scientist

oh ‘king great! Just what we need a weapon that the military can use with plausible deniability. The very fact that they WANT such a weapon is precisely why they must never be allowed to use such a weapon unless we’re ALSO monitoring them with Trusted Surveillance…

BBC NEWS | Health | Running can slow ageing process

Don’t run any more. Knackered my knees and hips. But still doing half an hour a day on the reclining stationery bike and the catwalks whenever the weather allows.

Lab-grown tendons gradually fade to bone – tech – 11 August 2008 – New Scientist

this’ll probably sort out my wife’s knee problem and her damaged shoulder (which tends to dislocate too easily) and my own torn bicep. Let me know when it’s in the shops!