now this kind of atheist activism I like. It’s personal, one to one shit that’s likely to make a lasting impression on the wife and kids. Good luck squire…

Chatting with a Google Street View Driver –

citizen driven Trusted Surveillance; the best sort…

Crippled War Vets Tell Cheney To Get Bent

now that’s what I call “Fair and Balanced”

Rejected for being too intelligent? Well that explains a lot…

Dead Monster Washes Ashore in Montauk

My first thought: Turtle without shell?

Decapitated bus passenger, man was totally calm during attack – The Globe and Mail

gruesome, weird, disturbing.

Beloved websites riddled with crimeware • The Register

I’m increasingly pleased that Rumplemigskin found Sandboxie (and pointed me at it). I now use it routinely. It makes you immune to any attacks because nothing “downloaded” or inserted into your browser stays there once you close the browser. It all goes “pooft” into the ether. (because your entire surfing session takes place in RAM) If you’re not already using it, get it now. (and don’t forget to set up your default download folder for “quick recovery” so you can still download those files you actually want to download)