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the inalienable right of every soldier we ask to go fight and kill on our behalf is to refuse on the grounds that he, personally, has not been convinced that there is an ethical case for such action. This degree of autonomy is a primary, absolutely essential – defining – requirement for democracy.

damn! This just stole 25 minutes of my life! It’s addictive…

The Fascist Mask and the continuity of the State of Exception: Naomi (sheep in) Wolf (‘s clothes) & colonos

later dude: first impressions favourable…

&Does Sleep Gas exist?& or &Ethnic Cleansing in the US& ||

this is an example of why I haven’t entirely abandoned K5. It reveals the best and the worst of the clique.

hmmm… think I might refer them to the unanswered questions on my GM page

xkcd: Exploits of a Mom

see this for an example of why this is funny…