I thought this guy sold his soul a year ago (to Tobey Maguire?) so how come this website is still up and running with the same deal? (Perhaps Tobey demanded a refund…)

Skip the crap at the beginning and scroll down to the rant on the Fascist Insect. I want some of whatever the author was smokin…

The closing yell is the battle cry of the Symbionese Liberation Army – for those of you who can remember such fairy tales…

The Racing Tribe by Kate Fox of the Social Issues Research Centre

I’ve been lucky, I guess. The three times I’ve been to Glastonbury (yes, that Glastonbury) I’ve always found an atmosphere and sociability very similar to what is being described here. The obvious link is “controlled disinhibition” which we definitely see a lot of at Glastonbury!

Law Enforcement: Florida County Will Pay for Manhandling Men in Errant Drug Bust Caught on Videotape |

I found this story just over a year ago, but only just realised I’d never stumbled it, or even added it to my Trusted Surveillance examples… enjoy

New ergonomic backpack lightens the load

One of the reasons I haven’t repeated my march up the Pennine Way is the knee damage coming down hill with a 40 pound backpack. This might be the solution…

Ishmael Community: The Little Engine That Couldnt

waddya mean you haven’t read this yet? | Denver | Colorados Online News Leader | Vending machines dispense marijuana in Los Angeles

Why the hell won’t someone do that around here???!!!

MySpace: No place for Atheists? | Secular Student Alliance: Atheists, Humanists, Agnostics &Others

suspect this is going to turn into a major shot in the foot for myspace. Pissing off 35,000 atheists in one go is not an obviously intelligent tactic… I watch with interest.

Slideshow: Pictures |

OK, I concede. A surfing cat outranks my (country) walking cats…

Difficult to know just what to make of this, but on the face of it, it would seem that the Judges are recognising that the cops are trying to stitch up generally innocent drivers. That the cops try to do this is no surprise to anyone familiar with what the Americans call “Justice” (the 98% conviction rate is a clue: a success rate like that tends to go with a Police State). But the judges doing something about it… now that’s a very pleasant surprise. And not before time…

NY Legislation Targets Online Predators

This kind of practice will be simple to eliminate as soon as the world adopts my Trusted Surveillance model (he said, modestly). Under that, a site could insist that, on registration, you had to prove, anonymously, that you fitted the criteria for the site.

For example, they could set an age range, skills required, be gender specific, restrict to certain nationalities and so on. They could also, trivially, exclude anyone with a range of criminal convictions – such as child sex offenders. And all of this could be done with “anonymous accountability”, meaning that no-one would know the real identity of anyone (unless they wanted to be known) but, in the event that someone commits an offence under the site rules (or external legislation) they could either be easily excluded (by blocking their credentials) or, if appropriate, through a Jury controlled Key Escrow system, identified for prosecution by the forces of internal repression (otherwise known as your local friendly police force).

Potential cause of age differences in stimulant response identified

…the rapidly developing young brain is able to adapt and protect itself against the rewarding effects of stimulants due to the input of the TrkB system

Well I’m damn glad my brain isn’t “protected” against the rewarding effects of stimulants!!

Swedish Bank Stops Digital Theft

can you imagine just how pissed off the digital thieves were when the connection went down?

Why dont chimpanzees like to barter commodities?

I haven’t figured out how yet, but this is definitely going to feed into my analysis of “free trade”…

Do you want fries with that, Mickey?

Strange choice of “human” diet for the mice – the Cafeteria food or MacDonalds. The obvious relevant diet for the examination of potential genetic effects was the kind of diet we were eating when we first started eating cooked meat (which I argue was around 2 million years ago though the consensus is that it was about half a million).

That diet would have been still mainly vegetable, fruit, roots, tubers etc raw meat and occasional cooked. It probably took a million years to become “mainly cooked” for both meat and veg and this is the prime time when we were diverging ever further from the chimps – particularly in terms of brain size.

Although our modern cafe diets might be having a genetic influence today, they cannot explain the genetic differences which got us to this stage – which are, presumably, the ones they’re interested in.