I thought this guy sold his soul a year ago (to Tobey Maguire?) so how come this website is still up and running with the same deal? (Perhaps Tobey demanded a refund…)

Skip the crap at the beginning and scroll down to the rant on the Fascist Insect. I want some of whatever the author was smokin…

The closing yell is the battle cry of the Symbionese Liberation Army – for those of you who can remember such fairy tales…

The Racing Tribe by Kate Fox of the Social Issues Research Centre

I’ve been lucky, I guess. The three times I’ve been to Glastonbury (yes, that Glastonbury) I’ve always found an atmosphere and sociability very similar to what is being described here. The obvious link is “controlled disinhibition” which we definitely see a lot of at Glastonbury!

Law Enforcement: Florida County Will Pay for Manhandling Men in Errant Drug Bust Caught on Videotape |

I found this story just over a year ago, but only just realised I’d never stumbled it, or even added it to my Trusted Surveillance examples… enjoy

New ergonomic backpack lightens the load

One of the reasons I haven’t repeated my march up the Pennine Way is the knee damage coming down hill with a 40 pound backpack. This might be the solution…

Ishmael Community: The Little Engine That Couldnt

waddya mean you haven’t read this yet? | Denver | Colorados Online News Leader | Vending machines dispense marijuana in Los Angeles

Why the hell won’t someone do that around here???!!!