Reporter Gets Circumcised to Fight AIDS

Could have been worse. He took a bbc sound recorder with him. It could have been a camera…

1 in 10 patients comes to harm while in hospital

oh that’s just ‘king brilliant innit! You’ve got a 10% chance of being damaged – actually made less healthy – by your trip to hospital. Anyone performed the obvious international comparison?

Testers See Windows XP Passing Vista

I couldn’t believe it. I’ve set up two Vista machines and reverted both to XP. The performance was abysmal…

aha! the babel fish is almost upon us!

Helsingin Sanomat – International Edition – Culture

omigod they’re pictures of half-naked children!!
They’re her own ‘king children ferchrissake and she’s a skilled photographer who knows how to capture beautiful and, occasionally, disturbing images.

Are we that freaked as a society that we can no longer see any image of a naked child without screaming paedophilia??!! If so, then we’ve become as sick as they are….

hey – this is art man…

New Scientist: The Omega Man

Introduction to Chaitin and the limitations of what can be “known” (in the sense of what justifies logical rather than psychological certainty). This is fundamental to epistemology.