First Analysis of the Water Requirements of a Hydrogen Economy

The discussion is more informative than the article (again) and gives a comprehensive overview of the problems we face in creating the hydrogen economy. My own guess is that it aint gonna get off the ground until some bright spark creates a nano based catalyst which allows us simply to pour tap water into the tank, and split out the hydrogen and oxygen as we go – with the catalyst recharged by simply letting it dry out in the sun or something equally trivial…

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The landing strip (certainly not an “airport”) in the middle of the ski resort is one I’m familiar with. I skied past it for a week. Can’t remember which resort it is (Avoriaz?) Whatever; it is bloody amazing. It is too short for the planes taking off to get up to speed. They actually have to rely on the drop to give them the necessary airspeed. Similarly, coming in to land, they have to rely on the fact that they’re landing up-hill to help them to stop in time…

Researchers discover the dawn of animal vision

Important stage in the evolution of vision. Important not just for understanding that history but in demonstrating the fallacy of one of the many naive claims from the Creationist/Intelligent design lobby.

Researchers confirm the power of altruism in Wikipedia

excellent example of the benefits of the collectivism so despised by the Right wing Libertarians. It also demonstrates how a major global collectivist project can operate on both voluntary and libertarian lines.

Earliest evidence for modern human behavior found in South African cave

more evidence to support the early emergence of our human behaviour…

the Max Headroom chronicles: DVDs

My favourite scifi series from the late 80s. A dystopian future with some eerie pre-echoes of today. “Blank Reg” in particular, is beginning to make a lot more sense. We demand the DVD. Damn it, what’s the point of market forces if no fuckwit has the sense to spot a market!,0,7749742.column

If they were only psychotic, it wouldn’t be so bad. After all, the majority of the human population are still religious – which is a social psychosis. And yes, that causes problems, but nowhere near as bad as those caused by megalomania.

Those who run Police States are – without exception – not just psychotic but psychopathic.