Greta Christinas Blog: Atheists and Anger

Just put this on my reading list. Suggest you do too…

Greta Christinas Blog: Craig Thompsons “Blankets”: Atheism in Pop Culture Part 3

Briefly this lucid recommendation to read “Blankets” is more support for my contention that religious indoctrination of children is child abuse.

The Long Burn – history of fire ecology | Whole Earth | Find Articles at BNET

Supports my hypothesis that Homo Erectus had control of fire over a million years ago.

Happiness comes cheap – even for millionaires

a major effort from the University of the Bleedin Obvious.

Apparently it’s the simple things that give us the most happiness. Well colour me surprised.

The link between that and having effectively unlimited piles of cash is that
a) the lucky bastards can afford those “simple things” on demand and
b) they can shield themselves from many of the sources of pain.

Jeez, I wish someone would pay me for research like that. I’d be a zillionaire by now…

Elephants can smell danger

I’m only surprised that the researchers are surprised. Most animals are capable of learning which humans they can trust and which they should avoid. Elephants are easily in the top tier of intelligence in the animal kingdom. It would have been more surprising if they didn’t show this sensitivity…

Accounting professor: Transparency wont necessarily control CEO pay

One of the main reasons why the “Free Market” isn’t anywhere near as free as its supporters would like us to believe is that it has always refused to be transparent (or, often, even honest!) As a result, the so called “perfect information” required to allow the market to operate without distortion has never been available. Fix that and you’re half way to making the free market work as advertised…

Security, Science Panel Is Suggested

This is merely an authentication problem. Trivial under trusted surveillance. If you weren’t recognised by the relevant community, you wouldn’t get access to the sensitive data. Period.