Building Your Blog With StumbleUpon

Isn’t this cyber-incest or something? Here I am commenting on a guide to promoting yourself on stumbleupon, and I’ve also commented on the article page itself, with a link to my stumble page!

This is far too complicated to deal with right now. I’m awa’ to m’ bed.

TechEBlog & $1.5 Million Yacht Dives Nose First into Ocean

ooh! that must hurt!

New Humanist (Rationalist Association) – discussing humanism, rationalism, atheism and free thought

Presumably… nope. I just checked. He wasn’t teaching in a “religious” school (at least, when I went to school’s website there was no sign of a religious bent on the home page. No mention of Jeezuz or Allah or any other deity at least) and, therefore, not contractually obligated to teach the bible as literal truth. In which case, presumably, he can sue the bastards for wrongful dismissal.

What this means – if it’s true – is that you really ought to buy a regular lottery ticket. At least one of your selves will win every week!

School Guards Break Childs Arm And Arrest Her For Dropping Cake

Another potential triumph (once the School and Security Guard have been dragged through the courts and humiliated) for Trusted Surveillance. Now ask yourself, why do we need security guards to protect us from cake crumbs in schools?

creative use of driftwood…


Reading this interview will help you understand this.