Religion of Isaac Asimov

Compare Asimov to Dawkins and ask yourself, which is most likely to persuade…

we need more of this wit.

BBC – Reading + Leeds Festival – Home

You’ve got till 3 September to watch all the main bands full sets at Reading/Leeds 2007. After that you’ll have to hope I’ve uploaded them to youtube. (you could, of course, download them yourself if you get yourself a copy of WMRecorder (I rarely recommend commercial software but that’s best value $80 I’ve spent in years))

IMEMC News – International Middle East Media Center

News from the centre of the inferno; unfiltered by the western mainstream media…

Be Sick Against War!

Now there’s a slogan you won’t read every day.

Be interesting to see how much support this attracts. Wouldn’t mind seeing us try to organize the same thing on the same day in the UK, and Europe generally… wouldn’t that be somethin’

Any takers?

Think or Thwim & How To Hide An Airplane Factory

If you ever need to hide your aircraft factory from a Japanese air attack, this page shows how its done…