Mushroom foraging? Remember your mobile |

Only a week ago I was bemoaning the fact that it is not as easy as I would expect to identify the flora and fauna I bump into on my catwalks. I want to be able to go to a web search specialising in plants and just put in a few details like colour, number of petals or points, habitat, country, etc and be presented with a page of photos of possible matches so I could pin down what I’ve just photographed. Best I can find, so far, is this one.

What I really want is similar to what we see here (on the site – not in the arbitrary mushroom photograph). Point your phone at the specimen, take the photo and upload it, and get a response back in seconds telling you what it is. Now that would be sexy.

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Refugee from the Stumbleupon Blogicide of October 2011 Here you will find my "kneejerk" responses to the world and what I happen to bump into. For my more detailed considerations and proposals, please visit my website or my previous main blogging site.

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