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I submitted a dissenting comment to the BBC regarding this program. They have not chosen to publish it. Fair enough if they don’t think it’s good enough. But it is notable that they haven’t published any other dissenting voices and I would be thoroughly depressed to learn that I was the only one. (Though all the more reason to publish, I would argue.)

Certainly every comment to date is right behind their call for censorship. For example:
I cannot believe that they find it acceptable for the public to moderate these videos and allow them to be shown.” This ordinary citizen probably thinks he’s a democrat. Sad.

update 8 August: Got to be fair. There are now comments which are more in line with my dissenting views. [SET CONSPIRACY = OFF]

Nevertheless, while publishing here on Stumbleupon isn’t a major blow against the self appointed guardians of our souls, it is a start. It shows that we have ways of getting around their censorship. You can help by spreading the word.

You can read my full comments on my personal blog but the gist is that where the BBC Nanny Statists want to censor this material, I want to expand it in a positive direction – Trusted Surveillance under Democratic Control.

And, in any case, after watching Presidents and Prime Ministers start illegal wars, killing hundreds of thousands of people, including thousands of their own people, and get away with it, what credible objections can we make about a bit of brutal happy slapping where hardly anyone dies. Yeah, it’s bullying and nasty and humiliating and gruesome and gross and childish and chimplike. But then, quite a lot of real life is like that. And always has been. We just haven’t previously acknowledged it or allowed it to be seen.


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