Drinking increases bowel cancer risk – Times Online


Contrast this with last week’s stories about Cannabis increasing risk of Psychosis. That was raising a 1 % risk of a non fatal illness from which a majority recover – to 1.4%. This increased risk applies almost exclusively to heavy adolescent users and almost always only if they have a particular genetic makeup. Nevertheless, that “shock finding” was deemed sufficient to justify continuing its universal illegality and make the penalties even more harsh.

This story is talking about NORMAL levels of alcohol consumption causing a 25% increase in a usually fatal disease which already strikes 5-6% of the population. Against, in other words, 800 psychotics a year resulting from the ill advised (if you’re in the risk group) consumption of cannabis, we’re talking about FOUR THOUSAND DEATHS EVERY YEAR caused JUST by Alcohol induced bowel cancer. And that’s just in the UK. And you already knew about the thousands of other deaths already attributed to Alcohol didn’t you?

Yet Alcohol remains both legal and advertisable.

What’s wrong with this picture?

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